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Dunollie Woodlands 

 Discover Dunollie's Enchanting Woodlands 


Join the woodland walk at the War Memorial.

Arrive at the World Of Trees and stroll along the Ravens Path. Here you will find the spectacular Willow Hall. 



Tara_Willow.jpg    Willow Hall - Unique Willow Living Structures

    In 2012, the team at Dunollie were delighted to take part in an Argyll-wide Talent Development Initiative aiming to build local talent  through creative arts. 

 Dunollie's Tara Coia (a willow artist herself) contacted German based Marcelle Kalberer (the worlds leading architecture experts) who   had previously worked in Europe and America but never the UK. 

   Marcelle's Team 'Sanfte Strukturnern', along with local artists and volunteers descended upon Dunollie to construct the 22ft living  willow tower dome designed especially for Dunollie. 


"This was our first project in Scotland. As soon as we saw the location we knew it was perfect. We were surprised and inspired by the beauty of the landscape and had a great group of volunteers working with us. The finished piece is completely unique"  

(Anna Kalberer, Sanfte Strukturnern)


 FAERIE GARDEN Oak_Faerie_Jpeg.jpg

 In 2015, Dunollie worked closely with the Forestry Commission to develop our 2nd woodland space

 The space includes a canopy, a grand wooden table as well as large wooden story book with stories and fun facts about each of the  faeries.  which is used as an interactive and learning space for families and children visiting the site.

 Each Faerie (Like Hazel the Hazelnut Faerie on the right) has been designed by our fantastic artist Mel based on various species of  trees, plants and wildlife which can be found in the Dunollie Woodlands. 

Come along and see if you can spot some mischievous faces.